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Unionists hoping to end "bickering"

Closer cooperation between Ulster Unionists and the DUP is under consideration following fresh talks at Belfast City Council.

Bickering and squabbling should be brought to an end by any agreement, UUP councillor David Browne said.

Party leaders Sir Reg Empey and Peter Robinson supported a recent meeting between the parties.

Mr Browne said: "I am hopeful that city hall unionists can work together to the benefit of our electorate.

"I believe there is a desire across the whole of Belfast to bring an end to the bickering and squabbling that has characterised relations between the unionist parties."

The Alliance Party holds the balance of power in the council between the nationalist and unionist blocs.

In an attempt to foster unionist tolerance, DUP councillor Robin Newton met Mr Browne.

Both parties have expressed a willingness to meet again more formally.

Mr Newton said: "Nobody should fear anything - it is a threat to no one, it is purely and simply about issues that are relevant to the people of Belfast."


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