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Unions' Belfast vigil a show revulsion at murder of prison officer Adrian Ismay

By Allan Preston

At Belfast City Hall, a crowd of around 100 people gathered for a vigil of murdered prison officer Adrian Ismay.

Organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, a piper played before a minute's silence was held.

Peter Bunting from ICTU said the vigil was an opportunity for the trade union movement "to illustrate its revulsion at the murder of a worker" and "to display our solidarity with prison officers - it's very important that those people are supported".

He added: "Today shows that people are prepared to stand down those who murder workers."

Also attending was Tony Jones (70), from Greenisland. His own father was a governor of Crumlin Road Prison who was killed by the IRA in 1979. "I know what the family is going through because of my memory," he said. "It's sad and I'm very mindful of my own family today. That's why I'm here, because I genuinely do feel for them."

Helen Flynn (29), from Ballynahinch, said: "I'm here just to show that the people of Northern Ireland don't believe in this type of thing. I'm outraged that it's still happening.

Claire McCann (37), from east Belfast, said: "I think it's disgusting that this is still going on. This is a reversion to the past, it's disgusting that people are trying to drag us back to violence. It's devastating for the family and it's really important that we show solidarity with them."

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