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Union's fears for staff and patients over restructuring

Care workers and elderly residents are facing uncertainty over the future due to a leading care home operator being restructured, a union has warned.

The GMB said vulnerable residents of Four Seasons now had their care in the hands of "faceless landlords".

The union said 58 of the company's homes across the UK were being moved to new operators.

It operates more than 40 homes in Northern Ireland.

GMB national officer Rachel Harrison said: "This appalling lack of strategy has left the care of the most vulnerable people in our society in the hands of faceless landlords who only care about profit.

"GMB members and desperate residents and their families are now left waiting to see if another care provider can be found to take over the operation of the homes."

Allan Hayward, chairman of the Four Seasons Health Care Group, said: "We aim to achieve the orderly migration of these homes and specialist units to new operators as part of our ongoing work around our leasehold estate. Our top priority is to maintain continuity of care for our residents and patients by minimising the impact on them, their families and our colleagues and we are working closely with the regulators, new operators and the landlords to achieve this."

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