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Unpleasant pheasant attacks woman jogging in Antrim

By Nevin Farrell

A woman has told how she received cuts to her hands and was left in shock after being attacked while out for a jog by an angry pheasant.

Jennifer Mullan (35) said the frightening ambush happened in Armoy, County Antrim, at the weekend but a passing cyclist stopped and scared the pheasant away before it could do any more damage.

Jennifer said: "I was out for a run on Sunday morning to try and get back into fitness and the route I would normally take is along a road called 'The Park'. I had not been out for a while and it was the first day of spring and I thought lovely day I will go out but I didn't think I would be running from a pheasant.

"I happened to see something out of the corner of my eye and I noticed it started to speed up as a running. It was running on the other side of the hedge along with me.

"I sort of slowed down and stopped and it came out through the hedge onto the road where I was. I have never seen a pheasant like it, I didn't even realise it was a pheasant until I googled it afterwards.

"I said I will take a photo of this to show my kids and I took a photo and went to run off when it flew at me. I put my hands out to protect myself but it cut my hand. The blood was pouring out of it. I would not be one to make things worse than they are but the blood was pouring out of the cut.

"I don't know if it was a claw or a beak but there are a couple of cuts. I was in shock."

Jennifer added: "A fella was passing on a bike and I asked him to chase it."

But the fright means she will be taking a different jogging route in future.

Jennifer took to social media to warn other people to be on their guard and she said her internet investigations show that the bird was a Reeve’s pheasant and they are often aggressive towards humans, animals and other pheasants during the breeding season.

She added: "I'd hate to have thought what could have been the outcome had I had my three children with me. This area attracts many people from the surrounding area because of its tranquility and beautiful scenery."

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