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US election 2020: BBC broadcaster Chris Buckler misses the drama of Washington


Chris Buckler

Chris Buckler

Chris Buckler

A Good Morning Ulster presenter who spent two years in Washington DC reporting on the Trump administration says he would have loved to have been there for the election - but said there was still plenty of drama in the Belfast studio.

Chris Buckler joined BBC Radio Ulster in April after spending two years in the US capital covering stories across North America.

Along with co-presenter Sarah Brett, he reported on how the election was going yesterday morning on the show.

He told the Belfast Telegraph later that he missed being in Washington as the drama unfolded in what was a "momentous day".

"We were at least getting all the details in and we had Democrats and Republicans on the show," he said.

"It still felt like I was a part of it, even though I was in the studio in Belfast."

Commenting on how tight the race was between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, he added that the early polling figures in favour of the Democratic candidate "raises questions" about what you can believe.

"We concentrate so much on the political drama and we don't concentrate on what's happening in America," he said.

"There's 50 states and there's a different story in every state, and sometimes the focus on the east and west coasts means that [the media] miss out so much on what people think right in the middle, and that's exactly what's happened here.

"It's shown yet again that we need to kind of listen to voices right across America."

Buckler added that if he was still working in Washington DC he would have been "standing freezing outside the White House", but would have still loved to be involved.

Elsewhere, people across Northern Ireland took to social media to comment on the race for the White House.

Belfast comedian Tim McGarry tweeted that he hoped Americans reciprocate our obsession with the US election.

"I want millions of yanks worrying about whether the DUP hold on to east Belfast," he tweeted.

BBC Radio Ulster Talkback presenter William Crawley admitted that the Florida count wasn't good for his blood pressure, while Stephen Nolan couldn't hide his excitement for the election and said he was staying up all night.

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