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US Vice-President Joe Biden backs David Cameron's Belfast Telegraph plea


Support: Vice-President Joe Biden

Support: Vice-President Joe Biden

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Support: Vice-President Joe Biden

The Vice-President of the United States has urged Northern Ireland's politicians to resolve their differences in a Twitter post that linked to an article on the Belfast Telegraph website.

Joe Biden took to the social media website to say he agreed with David Cameron, after the Prime Minister told the parties to get back around the talks table to negotiate a deal on flags, parades and the legacy of the past.

Mr Biden wrote: "Agree with @David_Cameron. Northern Ireland parties need to keep going, find solutions & make peace a reality. -VP"

Although the account is run by the Vice-President's Office,  Mr Biden signs off "-VP" when he personally writes the tweet.

He then provided a link to the article Mr Cameron wrote exclusively for the Belfast Telegraph, in which the PM said the "coming weeks, before the parading season reaches its height, will be crucial".

The US diplomat who chaired the original talks on the three divisive issues before they broke down at New Year also took to Twitter.

Dr Richard Haass described Mr Cameron as "100% right". and agreed that there was a "pressing need" for a "renewed push by Northern Ireland leaders to deliver agreement".

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