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USPCA advertising campaign takes aim at puppy farmers

By Linda Stewart

The USPCA is launching a hard-hitting advertising campaign urging the public to be aware of the tragic consequences of puppy farming.

It says it believes a third of all breeds bought today have come from puppy farms.

These premises contribute to Northern Ireland having the worst stray dog figures in the UK, leading to the destruction of thousands of healthy animals by councils every year.

Figures show that in 2013/14, 11,149 dogs were impounded in Northern Ireland and only 4,133 were reclaimed.

The USPCA has urged anyone wanting to buy a pet to seek advice from their local vet and never buy a puppy from an online ad.

Spokesman Stephen Philpott said: "The selling of animals online is like the wild west. Our research has shown that you cannot put any faith in or rely on the documents supplied with these animals. The vast majority are forgeries, and this is fraud on an industrial scale."

The campaign will coincide with a TV documentary on puppy-farming next Wednesday.

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