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UUP backs code of conduct to end logjam on key issues


A VOLUNTARY code of conduct for parades and protests has been put forward by the UUP to deal with controversial issues.

The document also calls for reform of the Haass-proposed Historical Investigation Unit.

UUP leader Mike Nesbitt said the proposals, aimed at breaking the deadlock on flags, parades and dealing with the past, deserved consideration.

"We are not content with the status quo," he said. "That's why the Ulster Unionist Party engaged positively during the Haass process.

"However, we want to see fair and equitable outcomes to the various issues and we believe that our proposals represent a positive step forward."

The proposals include a voluntary code of conduct for those engaged in parades and protests.

On dealing with the past, the party rejects the Historical Investigation Unit, calling for a significantly reformed HET with oversight transferred to the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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