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UUP bid to fly flag at City Hall 365 days

Michael mcHugh

The Ulster Unionist Party has tabled a proposal at Stormont calling for the Union flag to be flown every day of the year at Belfast City Hall.

Environment spokesman Tom Elliott said it was about equality, and challenged other parties to back the measure in the draft Local Government Bill.

Weeks of loyalist rioting ensued after Belfast City Council voted to restrict the flying of the flag from the City Hall to desginagted days in December 2012.

Mr Elliott said: "These are pragmatic proposals. They are no threat to anyone's identity."

Mr Elliott added: "The amendment to the Local Government Bill is an opportunity for some who claim that they are committed to equality to acknowledge what many of them signed up to in the Belfast Agreement.

"They should not deliberately confuse sovereignty with identity."

The new Bill sets out the arrangements for the 11 new 'super councils'.

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