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UUP leader brands Sinn Fein president 'offensive'

By Eamon Sweeney

The leader of the UUP has accused Gerry Adams of being offensive, as the Sinn Fein president sought to shift blame for the ongoing crisis onto unionists.

Robin Swann hit out at comments Mr Adams made in the Irish Times, in which he criticised unionists for opposing Irish language rights and same-sex marriage - Sinn Fein pre-conditions for a restored Stormont.

Mr Adams told the newspaper: "For unionism the challenge is, if you accept a rights-based society in the north, then you are acknowledging that the state has changed utterly. Some of them won't do that. Most of them have come round to that view but some in the leadership won't.

"I understand that respect is a two-way street. I understand all of us can say things that people find objectionable but there is a difference between me misspeaking and you misspeaking and an entire system being offensive and refusing to tolerate."

Mr Swann retorted: "If ever there was a textbook example of an entire system that was offensive and refusing to tolerate it was the republican movement which he has led for more than 45 years.

"The so-called republican movement is the embodiment of 'an entire system being offensive and refusing to tolerate' and many thousands are still living with the consequences."

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