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UUP's Kennedy corrects his gaffe on gay relationships

By Nevin Farrell

A prominent Ulster Unionist last night moved to clear up any confusion after he mistakenly said he opposed gay relationships.

Danny Kennedy, who is seeking re-election to the Assembly in Newry and Armagh, was on a cross-party panel on the BBC's Sunday Politics show

He was stating his opposition to relaxing the abortion law here when he added: "I am also opposed to same-sex relationships."

On Twitter one person labelled the remark "disgraceful".

A second said: "Danny Kennedy just said on air he is opposed to same-sex relationships - he did NOT say same-sex marriage!"

Another said the comment shows "NI politics is bonkers".

But last night Mr Kennedy said: "I am happy to clarify my comments. I simply mis-spoke and meant to say 'marriage' and not 'relationships'. Everyone is entitled to make their own decision on their individual lifestyle."

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