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UVF duo 'taken for debriefs'

A key witness in the UVF supergrass trial was taken from prison to be debriefed by detectives at a secret location, it has emerged.

During evidence given yesterday at Belfast Crown Court by Robert Stewart, details emerged of the life he and his brother Ian led after agreeing to co-operate with the authorities.

It transpired that the brothers for a time were taken from prison to an "undisclosed location" for debriefing in interviews by detectives.

Arthur Harvey QC, acting for Alex Wood, one of the 14 accused, revealed that Stewart's girlfriend was even allowed to visit him at the secret location.

During the week he would be interviewed up to five times a day, whilst he would spend weekends watching TV or playing video games. Then it would begin again the following Monday.

Mr Harvey suggested that the police "from another region" kept him company, often playing games with him on the TV.

While Stewart (37), agreed, he claimed: "It's not exactly home."

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