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UVF supergrass probed on brutal murder

Loyalist supergrass Robert Stewart has been asked about whether he was involved in more than one murder.

Stewart, giving evidence at the Belfast Crown Court trial of 14 people he and his brother Ian have implicated in UVF crimes, was initially questioned about the alleged involvement of one defendant in the October 2000 murder of UDA rival Tommy English.

Defence QC Brendan Kelly claimed that Stewart had implicated his client, Jason Loughlin (35), in the murder either because he did not like him, or because he knew some of the other accused.

However, the informer rejected the suggestion that when it came to identifying in court those he claimed were involved, he had simply looked into the dock and read off their list of names.

Later Stewart was quizzed by defence QC Eilis McDermott about the death of a man so badly beaten that he died having never regained consciousness.

Ms McDermott asked if Stewart knew whether he “had anything to do with that”.

“I didn’t have anything to do with it... 100% sure,” said Stewart.

Ms McDermott said that Stewart could not afford admitting to involvement in any other murders to police.

The QC will continue with her cross-examination today.

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