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UVF supergrass trial adjourned until January


Archive photo of Mark Haddock

Archive photo of Mark Haddock

Archive photo of Mark Haddock

The marathon Belfast Crown Court trial of 14 men implicated in UVF terrorism by two so-called supergrass brothers has been adjourned until January 9.

Shortly after the case resumes the prosecution is expected to close its case against the men, including the alleged Special Branch spy and UVF chief in north Belfast's Mount Vernon estate, Mark Haddock.

Following another short adjournment, defence lawyers are expected to make a number of legal submissions for trial judge Mr Justice Gillen to consider, before they present their case to the no-jury Diplock court.

The 14 men, all originally from north Belfast and Newtownabbey, between them deny 37 charges in which they have been implicated by brothers Robert and Ian Stewart. The brothers claim that nine of the men, including 41-year-old Haddock, were involved in the murder of UDA rival Tommy English, who was gunned down in front of his family on Halloween night 2000.

Mr English was shot dead at the height of the then tit-for-tat feud within loyalism, and killed simply because he was a member of the UVF's rival UDA.

During almost four months of evidence the brothers also gave details about attacks on three men who had run foul of the UVF, including a man suspected of being a paedophile.

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