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UVF trial: witness can't recall who hit him

A man who claimed he was beaten by alleged UVF commander Mark Haddock and other alleged terrorists later admitted that his evidence was "unreliable".

Alcoholic and drug addict Keith Caskey told Belfast Crown Court yesterday that Haddock, Darren Moore and Alex Wood picked him up in a car in January 1996 before taking him to a New Mossley flat where Philip Laffin and David Smart were waiting.

He alleged the men bundled him into an alleyway where he was beaten and had a pillow case pulled down over his head, adding that Haddock allegedly told him he was going to take it off but not to look. Mr Caskey said that when he did, Haddock hit him on the head with a hammer.

Under cross-examination from defence QC Frank O'Donoghue, Mr Caskey admitted he could not remember the incident and had signed a statement handed to him by the Historical Enquiries Team, which had also given him £200.

Mr Caskey said: "I'm not reliable here at all. If they go down on my evidence that would be wrong because I'm not 100% sure at all."

The trial continues.

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