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Valerie Jackson: Pharmacist who 'always had time for her patients'



Caring: Valerie Jackson

Caring: Valerie Jackson

Caring: Valerie Jackson

Co Tyrone pharmacist Valerie Jackson, who has passed away following a short illness, is being remembered for her "love of people and service".

Ms Jackson (49) from Bridge Road in Dromore died peacefully at Omagh Hospital on Sunday.

For over 25 years she was well-known for her work with the Bradley pharmacy chain in Drumquin and later Dromore.

Paying tribute, managing director Liam Bradley said there are people alive today who owe their lives to Valerie.

"She had so much time and care for her patients, never rushed anyone and her advice was invaluable. There is nothing that she would not do to help, she went so far beyond her duty.

"Over the years, Valerie has cared for so many people with both medical and other issues that are beyond counting. She was one of those people who never changed, was always in good form and was always there to help and advise.

"She thrived on helping others because it was in her nature.

"She worked endless late nights to make sure all was done in her pharmacy and delivered medication on her way home so that no one went without.

"Valerie was more than an outstanding pharmacist, she was the best and most knowledgeable pharmacist I knew or ever will know. She was an extremely generous person, always putting others' needs first, making time no matter what the personal cost and never asking for credit or recognition," he added.

Ms Jackson was also a member of the board of governors at Dromore Controlled PS and a Sunday school teacher at Holy Trinity Parish Church since 1998.

She is survived by her mother Florence, younger brothers Arnold and Noel and wider family circle.

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