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Van sets the record straight over allegations regarding child


Letter: Van Morrison

Letter: Van Morrison

Letter: Van Morrison

Van Morrison has written a letter to a public relations guru to set the record straight over the allegations that he fathered a child with his former tour manager.

The publicity-shy musician was at the centre of a global media storm in Christmas 2009 after a statement was posted on his website announcing the birth of George Ivan Morrison III - Little Van, as he was known.

John Saunders, a top PR figure in Dublin and across Europe, conducted interviews on Morrison's behalf at the time to deny the reports or that the married Belfast-born singer knew the mother Gigi Lee.

It subsequently emerged Ms Lee, from Fort Worth, Texas, worked as a manager on some of Morrison's tours.

Mr Saunders took action in 2012. At a brief hearing in the High Court in Dublin, lawyers confirmed a settlement had been reached between Morrison (69) and Mr Saunders over statements in the wake of the baby's birth.

Mr Saunders' solicitor Paul Tweed said his client was happy with the outcome.

"John Saunders has no further comment to make other than to say that he is satisfied that the record has now been set straight with what has been a vindication of his stated position," Mr Tweed said.

The letter from Morrison to Mr Saunders is not being published.

Tragically, 44-year-old Ms Lee and Little Van died within 10 months of each other. The tour manager suffered cancer and died in October 2011. Her son died aged 13 months the previous January after reportedly suffering a diabetic coma while living in Texas.

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