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Vandals daub church in Antrim with pro-IRA graffiti

By Steven Alexander

Graffiti daubed on the side of a church in Antrim in support of a dissident republican was designed to be as provocative as possible, politicians have said.

The words "Free Colin Duffy - IRA" were scrawled on the front of Greystone Presbyterian Church on Antrim.

DUP South Antrim MP William McCrea said: "This is an utterly appalling action which is designed to cause maximum offence and upset in the community. For this to be daubed on the church on Remembrance Sunday is another indication of the sinister motive. Those behind this only want to heighten tension and cause maximum division."

Sinn Fein councillor Noel Maguire said: "This was clearly deliberately timed to coincide with Remembrance Sunday and as a result will cause particular offence to the unionist and Protestant communities in Antrim.

"The morons behind this attack on a church community do not in any way represent the nationalist community in Antrim. Whatever their intention, they have failed miserably.

"They have only succeeded in demonstrating the depth of their own ignorance - and the strengthened resolve of a community united against hate."

Alliance councillor Neil Kelly there could be no justification for the incident and welcomed the cross-community condemnation.

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