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'Very high' levels of air pollution recorded in Northern Ireland

Very high levels of air pollution have been recorded overnight in Newry - with other areas across Northern Ireland also suffering from increased levels.

The numbers have been blamed on weather conditions causing a build up of pollutants from cars and home heating.

According to the Department of the Environment the "pollution levels are the result of the still, misty and cold overnight weather conditions we are currently experiencing, which can lead to the build up of localised pollutants caused by emissions from vehicles and home heating".

"Similar pollution levels may again occur later this evening (December 29), lasting until early tomorrow morning December, 30 2014 in urban areas of Northern Ireland.

"The prevailing weather conditions are expected to then change leading to a forecast of low pollution levels for Northern Ireland."

The department said 'very high' levels were recorded in Newry between 2.30pm on December 28 and 5am on December 29.

'High' levels also occurred in Londonderry, with 'moderate' levels reported in Lisburn and Armagh.

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