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Victim of nose bite attack 'needed nostril rebuilt'


A man whose nose was bitten in an "unprovoked" attack had to undergo skin grafts to replace part of his nostril, a court heard.

Mark O'Callaghan (36) appeared in the dock of Belfast Crown Court yesterday where he was charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent to the unnamed victim.

A jury heard the injured party had to have a skin graft to replace a piece of skin from the rim of his left nostril as a result of the incident which occurred in a house in the Baroda Street area of south Belfast on May 7, 2011.

O'Callaghan – who was a barman in a nightclub at the time – now lives in Liverpool and denies the charge.

Opening the case against him, prosecutor Gareth Purvis said it was "no accident, it was a deliberate intention to cause harm."

Mr Purvis said that in May 2011, the victim was one of a number of tenants renting a three-storey house in Baroda Street. The victim and a number of other tenants were sleeping when another resident came home early in the morning accompanied by several other people including O'Callaghan.

The injured man and other residents were woken up due to a "commotion" in the house which included people running up and downstairs and someone opening his bedroom door.

When he got up to see what was going on, he became aware that several items were missing from a tenant's bedroom.

When the tenants called police, the prosecutor said O'Callaghan "became agitated", adding "a scene ensued at or about the doorway" of the property involving O'Callaghan and the injured party. Mr Purvis told the jury that during a struggle, the victim sustained an injury.

He said that a "bite perpetuated by the defendant" to the rim of the victim's left nostril resulted in a piece of skin being removed, which required a subsequent skin graft.

At hearing.

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