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Victim of racist attack speaks out

A terrified victim who was forced to flee her home in fear of her life after a racist attack has bravely spoken of her horrific ordeal.

A Hungarian woman named only as Ericka, as she is too frightened to give her surname, has described how she was forced with her housemates to barricade herself in the kitchen as racist thugs attacked their Donegall Road home in broad daylight last Thursday (April 16).

The Hungarian mum recalled: “We went to close the door, but the guys push the door and then we started pushing too but we couldn’t close the door. A guy broke the letter box and we close the door.”

Trapped inside, the terrified women called the police and watched on in horror as the thugs called people on their mobile phones to bring more terror to the Hungarian group’s doorstep.

She said: “We were looking behind the curtains and there were more and more people. I was afraid.”

Ericka and the others were then forced to barricade themselves in the kitchen with the table against the door. The attackers then broke into the house, smashed the ground-floor windows and ransacked the property.

Ericka and her housemates, with the help of her Good Samaritan employer who had arrived at the scene, threw some clothes into bin bags and called the police again before fleeing the besieged house.

A mob of around 30 watched and hurled abuse as the terrified Hungarians fled their adopted south Belfast home.

“They were there and watching us as we got into the car. They said ‘you die’. It was terrible. I just kept thinking of my son and was scared for my life,” said Ericka.

The racist attack was widely condemned from community and political representatives in the area.

A 21-year-old man was arrested and later released on bail.

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