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Victim's brother in inquest plea

The brother of a hotel doorman and former IRA prisoner murdered by loyalists has sought his own legal assistance because of family difficulties surrounding the case, an inquest heard.

Seamus Dillon, 45, was shot dead outside the Glengannon Hotel in Dungannon by two Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF) gunmen in December 1997.

The killing of the father-of-three from Stewartstown, Co Tyrone, happened hours after the outlawed paramilitary organisation's leader Billy Wright was gunned down inside the Maze prison and was seen as a revenge strike by the loyalist's associates.

A lawyer told a Belfast coroner's court his client, Mr Dillon's brother Roger, had requested representation at the inquest separately from the rest of his relatives.

Aiden Carlin told senior coroner John Leckey: "There are issues, there are difficulties and I have tried to set those out within the letter to yourself, just about their family situation."

Mr Leckey said: "It doesn't seem to me to set forth a case why your client should be accorded properly interested status. Is your client making the case that there are issues not before me which should be before me?"

Mr Carlin responded: "I know he has concerns, he has issues that he feels need to be brought to both yourself and the Historical Enquiries Team."

Mr Leckey expressed doubt that Mr Dillon would be allowed individual representation at the inquest, remarking that he had never come across a case before where counsel acting for separate family members were appointed.

"Your letter really indicates, sort of family problems," he added.

Sensitive material to be used during an estimated two-week hearing has not been processed because a date has not been set. The inquest could be held later this year.

The matter was adjourned until after St Patrick's Day next month.


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