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Victim's brother urges republicans: embrace the need for genuine truth and reconciliation

Paul Travers, the brother of murdered school teacher Mary Travers, has said he wants Sinn Fein to "show some respect and a sense of decency for those of us who have suffered dreadfully".

"In 2011 we are told to put the past behind us and move on," he said. "I go home every year to visit my family and notice the murals to the hunger strikers are lovingly maintained. My sister Mary did not starve herself to death. She was murdered by those who now claim to be the 'peacemakers'. Mary has no mural.

"However, her memory is as alive to me now as it was 27 years ago when I travelled with her bloodied body in the ambulance to the Ulster Hospital. It is the same for the other victims of the Troubles."

Mr Travers, who now lives in Australia, called on Sinn Fein to work with the Historical Enquiries Team to shed light on who was responsible for his sister's murder in 1984.

"You compare yourselves to Nelson Mandela. Well then, do as he did, if you are brave enough. Embrace the need for genuine truth and reconciliation and support the very institutions, such as the Historical Enquiries Team, that have been established to find it.

"Don't ignore them. Tell us who committed these foul atrocities."

Mr Travers accused Sinn Fein of living in the past.

"It seems to me that you selectively support those aspects of the 1998 peace agreement that suit you and not the ones that don't.

"You did the same thing during the Troubles. It is not acceptable now. You are the ones who will not move on. You are the ones who perpetuate hurt and promote your brand of hatred. You are the ones who fear the truth. What are you scared of, now you no longer have your guns?"

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