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Victims' families hijack Sinn Fein Twitter feed


Relatives of IRA murder victims scored a major propaganda coup when they hijacked Sinn Fein's Twitter feed during Gerry Adams' speech at his annual party conference.

For more than two hours, Sinn Fein's official conference 'hashtag' was swamped by IRA victims' relatives.

Among them was Ann Travers, whose sister Mary was shot dead in 1984 by the IRA.

"A few of us were talking before the event and decided the best time to do it would be during Gerry Adams' speech," she said.

"We had two aims: to highlight the cover up of abuse that happened, and to remind them of the thousands of IRA victims who are still waiting for truth and justice."

Stephen Gault, whose father Samuel was killed in the 1987 Enniskillen Poppy Day bombing, said: "We wanted to remind Sinn Fein that murder cannot be swept under the carpet."

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