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Victims ‘need clarity’: Long

East Belfast MP Naomi Long has broadly welcomed the Advice to Government paper from the Commission for Victims and Survivors on dealing with the past.

She welcomed the commission’s request for a time frame for proposals. “For too long, governments have failed to take a decision on the best way forward and victims deserve clarity on how the past will be dealt with.

“We need to address the legacy of the past in a holistic way and examine all options in terms of seeking the truth and helping heal pain. It is also extremely important that there is a balance between dealing with the past and building for the future.

“We need to ensure that the events of the Troubles are never repeated. Creating a united community will help us tackle prejudice and protect peace. While it will take time to fully consider all the proposals within this report, the emphasis it places on reconciliation, justice and fairness is very helpful,” she said.

Belfast Telegraph