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Victims of IRA seek Colonel Gaddafi's secret cash

By Staff Reporter

Victims of the IRA terrorism which was sponsored by the Libyan regime are asking the Government to use the former dictator Colonel Gaddafi's frozen assets to pay them compensation.

The Libyan regime supplied Semtex for IRA attacks, said to include the 1987 Enniskillen bomb which killed 11 people.

It comes after it was revealed that Prime Minister David Cameron had appointed his senior security adviser to lead a new drive for justice for victims and their relations.

Lawyers for victims' families are calling on Mr Cameron to explore the possibility of using the Gaddafi regime's frozen assets.

Muammar Gaddafi and his henchmen are thought to have stored hundreds of millions of pounds in bank accounts around the world or invested in property and companies.

Jason McCue, who is a founding partner of McCue and Partners – the London law firm that brought a claim against Gaddafi and his regime in 2006 in the American courts on behalf of victims of the IRA – said: "Billions of dollars belonging to the Gaddafi regime remain frozen all around the world."

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