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Video: Belfast teacher subjects little autistic boy Aodhan (5) to tirade of abuse

Harrowing: Lisa Marie Quinn released the audio recording of her young son Aodhan
Harrowing: Lisa Marie Quinn released the audio recording of her young son Aodhan
Harrowing: Lisa Marie Quinn released the audio recording of her young son Aodhan

By David Young

A furious mother has gone public with a recording of her autistic son being subjected to a tirade of angry abuse from a teacher in his school.

Lisa Marie Quinn (29) from north Belfast claims her son Aodhan (5) was "emotionally abused and terrorised' by a teacher in his school - and yesterday uploaded a harrowing audio recording of a female screaming angrily at the little boy, who attended St Teresa's Primary School on Belfast's Glen Road.

In a passionate social media post, Lisa Marie shared the ways in which she claimed her son had been mistreated.

She said little Aodhan was:

  • screamed at in a way that would have frightened an adult:
  • ostracised and excluded from the class:
  • physically locked on his own in a classroom with this woman for extended periods while she completely ignored him as he cried, got really distressed and begged her for help:
  • told that his mum and dad were also tired of him and had had enough so he was too scared to even talk when he came home as he thought he'd be in trouble.

The three-minute audio recording is difficult to listen to.

The little boy can be clearly heard in distress as an adult woman raves at him, calling him an absolute disgrace, and adopting an aggressive hectoring tone, frightening the five-year-old.

"You are going to have to grow up and do what you have to do when you are in my school, look at me," she shouts.

"We are tired of this. Your mummy is tired of this, and your daddy is tired of this nonsense.

"Get down from that chair," she yells at the boy.

The distressing tape has already been shared more than 13,000 times on social media, with more than 11,000 shocked comments.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Lisa Marie said she had been overwhelmed by the huge positive response to her decision to go public with her Justice for Aoghan campaign

"I wasn't expecting the level of response - thousands and thousands of private messages," she said.

Aodhan, now aged six, has just started at a new school.

"The school's own definition of emotional abuse actually outlines practically everything that this woman subjected my five-year-old child to," she said. "I want justice for Aodhan."

In a statement issued yesterday, the Catholic Council for Maintained School (CCMS) confirmed it is aware of the allegations.

"CCMS is aware of the complaint from a parent of child against some staff in St Teresa's Primary School and is assisting the Board of Governors in implementing the appropriate procedures and processes to address the matter."

An Education Authority spokesperson told the Belfast Telegraph last night: "The Education Authority has been working with CCMS in relation to a complaint in a school.

"As an investigation is underway and due to the nature of the complaint, it would be inappropriate to comment further.

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