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Video: Belfast woman takes 30 minutes to park car and becomes Youtube hit

In the eternal battle of the sexes, one unresolved question keeps rearing its ugly head — are men or women better drivers? Now the heated debate has emerged again after YouTube footage of one woman struggling to park in Belfast went viral.

The unnamed woman became an internet sensation after she was filmed trying to reverse her car into a space on Fitzroy Avenue in the Holylands area for 30 minutes — to the amusement of the students filming her.

Within five days their video — snappily titled The World's Worst Attempt at Parallel Parking, Enjoy — had been viewed almost 800,000 times.

University of Ulster marketing student Ciaran Doherty said: “My friend had offered to help her but she said no.

“We just started filming it then. We can't believe she couldn't get it in. It could easily have fitted a big people carrier in that space.”

The disbelieving students can be heard shouting encouragement in their video: “Go on, get her in, go on ye girl ye”. And when the car is finally parked after half an hour, they whoop with delight and break into a round of applause.

Ciaran (22) explained that they were shocked by the popularity of the footage and he would like the driver to see it.

“But, no I don’t think all women are bad drivers,” he said tactfully.

“Yes, I would like to talk to her. We've been trying to find her.”

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