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Video: Burglars target Belfast stylist Jason Shankey for third time in a year

By Allan Preston

Celebrity hairdresser Jason Shankey has told how he is used to being targeted by criminal gangs after his east Belfast business was burgled for the third time this year.

The stylist posted CCTV footage on his Facebook page of the break-in at his Ballyhackamore premises, with two men dressed in white coats, masks and hoods seen taking stock of the shelves and attempting to smash a security camera.

The same store was previously robbed in August.

"I'm used to it now - I've lost count, it happens continually," Mr Shankey said. "Every year you're usually burgled at least once. This year I've had three."

Mr Shankey said that £600 worth of GHD hairstylers were taken in the latest raid.

"I think it happens to a lot of hairdressers round this time of year," he added. "GHD are very popular - the hairstylers cost about £100 each.

"So now we have to withdraw the products from our salons in Ballyhackamore and the Lisburn road and instead only sell them in House of Fraser.

"We're limited now to selling GHD in one store, which is inconvenient for our customers."

With his business hit by thieves an estimated 15 times over the years, Mr Shankey said that he no longer even tried to claim insurance.

"There's the cost of the stock, but then also having to get a joiner out for a new door, painting, new locks," he explained. "It's not a massive amount of money, just under £1,000, so there's not even any point claiming for insurance.

"They (the GHD items) are between £100 and £165 a set. About £600 of stock gone within a minute."

Mr Shankey said he believed professional criminals were to blame.

"These guys came with crowbars and climbed over a barbed wire fence," he added. "They climbed over the doors, were forensically aware and wearing gloves and hoods. They know what they were doing.

"They'll catch them eventually and the burglaries will stop for a time when they're in prison.

"When they're let out, it all happens again - that's the nature of it."

If you have any information regarding these two individuals, who are removing ghd hair stylers from our Ballyhackamore...

Posted by Jason Shankey Salons on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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