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Video: Cool FM's Pete Snodden takes Northern Ireland nurses out for carpool karaoke to mark International Nurses Day


To mark International Nurses Day Cool FM's Pete Snodden took a group of nurses from Northern Ireland out for a spot of carpool karaoke to say a big thank you.

Andrea Begley, from Pomeroy - who won the BBC's The Voice talent show - is one of those leading the charge to celebrate what nurses do for the public each and every day.

The visually impaired singer told radio DJ Pete Snodden: "Nurses are absolutely phenomenal. The work they do is just unbelieveable.

"I have been in and out of hospital quite a few times.. and the nurses have been so caring and so lovely and I don't think I have ever had a bad experience."

David Milliken was in hospital for six weeks.

"It was the nurses that kept you sane," he said.

"They had a bit of banter they were the one constant. The doctors they did their thing but the nurses were the ones to have a bit of craic with."

This year's theme for International Nurses Day is: nursing a voice to lead.

"Our service is under pressure, it needs to change and we are doing lots of work to make that change happen but nurses are in an ideal place to make that change so I want to encourage them to step forward and make it all happen," said Charlotte McArdle, chief nursing officer for the Department of Health.

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