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Video: Firefighters tackle Belfast Black Mountain blaze

Firefighters tackled a huge gorse fire on Belfast's Black Mountain.

The Fire Service said the blaze broke out just before 6.30pm on Monday with four appliances sent to the scene and around 20 firefighters including a specially trained wildlife fire officer to deal with situations of this nature.

Group commander Mark Smyth told the Belfast Telegraph the incident presented no risk to life.

"For us the concern is we have personnel on the scene that are not stationed in the high risk areas where there could potentially be a threat to life in the two cities of Belfast and Lisburn."

Mr Smyth said firefighters are tackling the incident with shovels and beaters - during what was the hottest day of the year so far - but they believed it was heading toward a natural break which will halt the spread.

"Nevertheless, we are working to prevent it spread and have sent crew to the wind turbines to be on the safe side."

"People need to be aware vegetation is very dry and to be careful with barbecues to ensure they are fully out before disposing of them and to not be throwing cigarette butts out and to definitely not play about with lighting fires."

He added: "There's also environmental issues. This is very valuable land for the environment. Young birds are nesting and breeding this time of year and there are major concerns around losing the land for the local habitat."

Just after 8pm the Fire Service confirmed the incident had ended.

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