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Video footage of large bruise on Millie’s head shown to jury

The jury in the Millie Martin murder trial has been shown video evidence of one of the toddler’s injuries.

The nine men and three women were shown a clip of the 15-month-old youngster made about a fortnight before her death from severe head injuries on December 11, 2009.

The short mobile phone video was taken in the toddler's Glebe Park home in Enniskillen by her mother, Rachael Martin, who denies wilfully neglecting and allowing Millie’s death.

Martin’s former partner, 33-year-old Barry McCarney from Trillick, denies murdering and sexually and physically abusing the child. The clip — taken around lunchtime on November 24, 2009 — showed Millie and McCarney sitting at opposite ends of a beige leather settee.

In it, a large bump could clearly be seen in the middle of Millie's forehead.

Various witnesses throughout the 20-day trial had described the bump as being clearly visible, looking like an oval, or even egg-shaped.

However, unlike an |earlier video clip made by her grandmother in her own home, Millie was not smiling or dancing.

In the video clip played yesterday at Dungannon Crown Court, Millie, dressed in a pink Nike top, was unsmiling as she glanced several times at McCarney while he sat on the settee reading a newspaper.

The court has also heard that a large bump in the middle of Millie's forehead, running from her hairline almost to the bridge of her nose, could have been caused by banging into a table, hitting her head off her cot, or even a “spirit”.

Yesterday, a cousin of McCarney told the trial that “a ghost” was the culprit and that Millie’s bedroom was even checked for “spirits”. It was the second time such a claim of supernatural involvement has been made.

Afterwards, he advised Martin and McCarney to get Millie “medical attention” and to move her cot into their own bedroom for safety.

The court was also told McCarney's response after he was charged with Millie’s murder within hours of her death.

When asked if he had anything to say, McCarney replied: “Yes, I do. I would like to say I’m totally innocent of all charges.

“I didn’t lay a hand on Millie. I’m sickened and saddened by the death of Millie.”

The hearing continues.

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