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Video: Four arrested after death driver rampage in Belfast street

By Jonny Bell

Four people have been arrested by police after joyriders crashed two cars into each other in a residential area.

A video of the incident showing car criminals on the rampage in west Belfast was posted on Facebook.

One councillor branded the incident reckless and dangerous in the extreme, with the cars being treated like "toys".

The 57-second clip shows two cars, thought to be stolen, being driven erratically toward each other in front of a group of youths before the police arrive.

The vehicles - one a hatchback, and the other a larger family car - are crashed into each other in the video.

When the police arrive on the scene, one youth immediately gets out of a car and makes a run for it, while the PSNI car attempts to pin one of the vehicles to a wall.

At one stage, the smaller silver car, which is already extensively damaged, reverses at speed toward the police before then spinning round, its shattered front wing stopping just inches from the Audi.

The incident took place in the Ross Road residential area off the Falls Road last week, and no one was injured. The video has attracted hundreds of thousands of views with many blaming the notorious Divis Hoods group.

A PSNI spokeswoman said the force received reports of two vehicles being driven dangerously in the Albert Street and Ross Road areas around 4pm, and arrested a 15-year-old boy. They later made another three arrests.

"The two vehicles, a blue coloured Kia reported stolen in the Linenhall Street area of Belfast earlier that afternoon, and a silver coloured Honda reported stolen in the Nutts Corner area earlier that day, were recovered by police," she said.

"Later that evening, the police auto crime team pursued, stopped and recovered three vehicles, one of which had been stolen in a burglary, and made three arrests for a range of offences including aggravated taking and driving away, dangerous driving, driving whilst unfit through drugs, possession of drugs and failing to stop for the police."

SDLP councillor Tim Attwood said: "The behaviour on display here is reckless and dangerous in the extreme. Any one of the bystanders could have been injured as the cars are thrown around the street like toys. I'm glad the police were able to respond quickly."

The incident comes just days after an £80,000 Bentley was crashed through a wall of a home in the Divis area.

Chief Inspector Norman Haslett said that his officers needed the help of the community to tackle the problem. "We have and will continue to take stolen cars off the streets, arrest offenders and bring them before the courts - two further stolen vehicles were recovered by police only yesterday," he added.

"Death drivers are a blight on the community of west Belfast and have nothing to offer but death and destruction.

"They have little or no thought for the community or for the consequences of their actions, which are reckless in the extreme."

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