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Video: Horses go 'Galliagh-vanting' on Derry's Foyle Bridge

Motorists were left confused when a herd of horses was spotted 'Galliagh-vanting' on the Foyle Bridge in Londonderry late on Thursday night.

The Foyle Bridge is no stranger to heavy traffic however, motorists witnessed some raw horsepower as seven horses trotted through oncoming vehicles.

Footage of the incident was shared hundreds of times online.

SDLP councillor Shauna Cusack took to social media to warn motorists of the hazard before later confirming the horses had been returned home unharmed.

An eyewitness told the Belfast Telegraph: “Traffic had slowed down fairly quickly on the side they were on, it was worrying to watch them, but it’s one of those funny things to look back on now that they are OK."

Police said they received a number of reports at around 8.20pm of horses having escaped from a field through a damaged fence.

Officers attended a short time later to find that they had been rounded up and secured back in the field. The damaged fence was repaired.

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