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Video: I'm going to 'Londonderry' not 'Derry' sketch goes viral


Hitch hiking a lift to Derry?

Hitch hiking a lift to Derry?

Hitch hiking a lift to Derry?

A video from BBC Northern Ireland's comedy show 'Late Licence' ribbing one of the region's biggest political hot potatoes has taken social media by storm.

The skit shows a bubbly young woman on her way to Londonderry pulling over to the side of the road to offer a young male hitchhiker a lift.

The hitchhiker begins to tell the woman how his girlfriend has just kicked him out, and he is now on his way to Derry to meet another girl. At this point she immediately tells him she is no longer travelling in that direction.

The passenger, who is overcome with confusion at the woman's sudden change of attitude, exits the car.  The young woman drives off playing a dance version of 'The Sash' at top volume, shouting back at him:

"I am not going to Derry, I am going to Londonderry."

'Late Licence' is a new comedy showcasing new and emerging Irish comedy on BBC2.

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