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Video of children at pro-IRA singalong in Belfast bar should be investigated, says Wells

DUP MLA Jim Wells has called for police to investigate after online footage showed children taking part in a pro-IRA singalong in a west Belfast bar.

Mr Wells, who has had the DUP whip removed over disagreements with the party, said that the event took place athe bar on the Falls Road during a 'Rebel Sunday' event on August 18.

A video circulated on social media shows children present at the event.

Mr Wells said what made the incident particularly serious was the number of children involved.

"I was appalled when I watched a group of young children dancing and singing along to an extreme Republican song which praised Bobby Sands and the IRA and denounced the Queen," the South Down MLA said.

"What was even more sinister was that adults were clearly encouraging their children to take part in such an appalling act.

"Children should never be exposed to such blatant extremist propaganda and it is so depressing to witness their indoctrination by people who have such twisted views."

Police said they had not received a complaint in relation to the event.

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