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Video of young Northern Ireland child 'biting head off pigeon' investigated by police

The video was shared widely
The video was shared widely
Jonathan Bell

By Jonathan Bell

Police are investigating after a video emerged of a young boy apparently biting the head off a pigeon.

The video has been shared widely on social media. It is thought to have been shot in the Magazine Street area of Derry during a day in the past week.

It's not clear if the bird was alive or dead at the time. There have been reports the animal was dead at the time.

One woman said she was "traumatised" after watching the video.

"How can you kill a completely harmless animal like that.... that's psychopathy," she added.

Police said they were aware of the video and are investigating.

A spokesman for the USPCA said the footage was appalling.

"Whether it was alive or dead, it is disgusting and vile abuse of an animals. We would be appalled that someone would derive any sadistic pleasure from either performing or filming such a gruesome act.

"We would encourage anyone with information to contact the police."

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