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Video: PSNI accept Gardai 'running man' dance-off challenge

'If you are looking for great dancers we don't have them., what we do have is a very particular set of skills, skills we have acquired over a very long career, things that make us a nightmare for people like you'

PSNI Craigavon have accepted a challenge from Gardai to a dance off.

The 'running man' dance challenge has become a viral sensation and has been picked up by police forces around the world.

It started when a group of US basketball players filmed a video doing the 'Running Man' to a popular song from the 90s.

Police in New Zealand then adopted it as part of a recruitment drive - before challenges forces around the world to do the same.

The most recent to take part was An Garda Siochana who then passed on the challenge to the PSNI asking them to "show us your moves".

And the PSNI accepted with Chief Constable George Hamilton even weighing in on the discussion.

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin said he had "two left feet" but said the Mr Hamilton was "some mover".

While the Chief Constable then said they would "discuss it on Monday" adding that Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris had "much more rhythm".

PSNI Craigavon posted updates of their filming.

On Sunday night officers posted: "There's no rest when it comes to pleasing you lot! Early shift complete and we're still going strong to get some filming done.

"Cracking good night to dance like an eejit infront of a helicopter though."

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