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Video: 'Specifically' is the hardest word for Belfast man whose attempts go viral

Warning: Video contains strong language readers may find offensive

Belfast lad attempts to say 'specifically'...This is absolutely hilarious!

Posted by Meanwhile in Ireland on Saturday, 16 January 2016

There is 'specifically' one word this Belfast man can't say no matter how hard he tries.

Known only as Tommy from Belfast - he tries his best but can't seem to pronounce 'Specifically'.

The video posted to Meanwhile in Ireland's Facebook page has gone viral with more than 1 million views.

His friend struggles to contain her laughter as she films Tommy's attempts - which he interjects with some swear words as he vents his frustration.

He even gets her to say it first so he can mimic it - he tries many attempts at it creating funny variations but none of them are right.

But he isn't alone as specific was voted number two on the ten hardest English words to say, according to a 2015 survey on Reddit.

It was pipped to the top by Worcestershire.

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