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Video: What people of Belfast think as Brexit day arrives without EU departure


March 29, 2019 was supposed to be Brexit Day.

The stroke of 11pm - midnight in continental Europe - was meant to be the moment the UK leaves the EU after almost five decades – two years on from triggering Article 50.

After Theresa May's latest defeat in the Commons on the day the UK was due to Brexit, it means the Government has until April 12 to either seek a lengthy extension with the EU which would likely mean the UK taking part in the European elections. Or leave with no deal. EU leaders have called a summit for April 10 to discuss options.

"I am disappointed," Dorothy Hanna told the Belfast Telegraph while out in the city centre.

"You don't lead people up to a certain thing and then just .... no."

Patrick McIlroy said there should have been more cross-party cooperation early on.

"There's been a lack of leadership across the board politically. It's disappointing to see they could not have set aside their differences for the greater good.

"I don't think every Joe Bloggs in the streets realises the impact it would have."

Keith Black voted to leave.

"It just seems to me they had plenty of time to try and sort things out and obviously they haven't done it. I think politicians have a lot to answer for."

Mary Kennedy added: "Everybody is sick sore and tired of.. the word that rhymes with biscuit."

Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU referendum by a majority of 56% to 44% in June 2016, while the UK as a whole voted to leave.

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