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Video: Woman's miraculous escape as lump of metal smacks into car windscreen

Jonathan Bell

By Jonathan Bell

An Armagh woman was left shocked and stunned when a lump of metal smashed through her car windscreen stopping just inches short of her head.

Marketing consultant Emma Gribben was driving along the main Portadown to Armagh road after a meeting with a client - an insurance company - when she was just five minutes from home.

"All of a sudden there was a massive bang and the windscreen shattered," the 29-year-old told the Belfast Telegraph.

She pulled over and saw a foot-long piece of metal protruding our of her windscreen.

"I was just shocked and stunned," she continued, "It was the closest call of my life."

"I think - although I can't be sure, it all happened so quick - it came off a van coming in the other direction. I pulled over but no one stopped to say they saw anything.

"I checked myself over and there were tiny shards of glass all over me and I'd a few specks of blood on my face but other than that I wasn't hurt."

The Mercedes car, however, is off to the garage for inspection to determine the level of damage.

"The pillar has been damaged. It was fortunate, as the bar hit that first, had it not it would have come straight through the windscreen."

"Someone was definitely looking out for me," she added.

"It was just a totally random freak incident."

The bar lodged in the car windscreen.
The bar lodged in the car windscreen.
The bar lodged in the car windscreen.

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