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Vigilante fears as graffiti names alleged drug dealers

Vandals responsible for graffiti in parts of Londonderry claiming to name people in the drugs trade have been told to stop before someone is attacked.

The names have appeared in various places including the Top of the Hill area in the Waterside.

SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey said that it has been removed but keeps reappearing and people have contacted him because they are concerned for their safety.

The vigilante group Republican Action Against Drugs has targeted people that it has accused of being involved in drugs or other anti-social activity.

One man has been shot dead and dozens wounded.

Mr Ramsey said: “I am calling on those responsible for this vandalism to stop immediately.

“No one in this community has the right, nor the power, to hand down judgment on anyone who they say may be involved in crime.”

The MLA said those behind the graffiti were “sinister elements within the community with an agenda”.

He added: “The only system that can or should be involved where a crime — alleged or otherwise — has taken place, is the criminal justice system.”

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