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Visitors arrive as Northern Ireland enjoys heatwave

Tourists have a Titanic time in the province - and are more than happy to splash out as they take in our most popular attractions

By Cate McCurry

They came, they saw, they wandered... now a host of tourists visiting Northern Ireland have revealed their top hotspots.

The Easter holidays is usually one of the busiest periods for tourism in Northern Ireland, as thousands of visitors flock to our shores from around the world.

The soaring temperatures saw an influx of families, couples and school groups descending on our popular attractions yesterday, including Titanic Belfast and Belfast City Hall.

From Mexico to Vietnam and from Russia to Canada, travellers from around the world revealed where they spent their time and money as they made the most of their short vacation.

Outside Belfast, other attractions that continue to prove popular with visitors include Giant's Causeway and Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge in Co Antrim.

Fans of HBO's hit fantasy drama, Game Of Thrones, also sees huge numbers of fans flocking to Belfast and other locations featured in the show.

Titanic Belfast is fast becoming the international symbol of Northern Ireland as it remains one of the most popular attractions here, with hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

It is an important time for the local economy and the tourism industry as operators battle to pull in international sightseers over the Easter holidays.

Local tourism bosses believe the good weather will help boost tourism traffic.

Linh Ngo from Vietnam spent three days here.

She said: "So far we have visited Giant's Causeway, Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, Ballycastle, Bushmills, Glens of Antrim and Titanic Belfast. We spent around £127 for flights for two people and £85 for accommodation for three nights and for food we spent £100 or less a day."

1. Phillippe: 'We visited Giant's Causeway'

Phillippe Boucher from France:

"I have been in Northern Ireland since last week after arriving in Dublin where we stayed for a few days then we went to Giant's Causeway and the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge and we have been spending the day in Belfast. We have spent around £1,000 for two people and that includes renting a car."

2. Lawrence: 'Belfast is first stop on tour'

Lawrence Leach from Carson City, Nevada in USA:

"My family and I have been in the UK for about five days. We arrived in Glasgow and came across on the ferry today. Belfast is our first stop on our tour, we are going to do all the tourist things including the Blarney Stone in Killarney.

We've spent probably around $1,000, so around £650. We are buying souvenirs for the kids who couldn't come."

3.Yulia: 'We went to Titanic and Donegal Square and will have spent around £300'

Yulia Glukhova, from Moscow in Russia:

"I came to Northern Ireland just for one day.

"We went to Titanic and Donegal Square to have a look around then we will look around City Hall and a few other places.

"So far we have spent £100 but if we go anywhere else it will cost us more. Then we will have lunch later so perhaps another £50, so in total around £300."

4. Isaura: 'I'm staying with family so I'm not spending on accommodation or food'

Isaura Ribeiro from Portugal:

"I have been here since last Friday and I'll be here until this Sunday. We have been in Belfast and Comber in Co Down, Dublin and we are planning to go to the north coast like Portrush and the Giant's Causeway. I'm not spending money on accommodation as I am staying with family and saving money on food. I think I've spent about £150 in total."

5. Christy: 'We hired a car and drove to forest park along the coast'

Christy Bischoff, Harry Kingham, Micah Kingham and Alma Bischoff, family from Bradford.  Christy said:

"We have been in Northern Ireland since last Wednesday and go back tonight (Tuesday). We spent two days in Belfast and one of those days we rented a car and went up to the Glenariff Forest Park along the coast and then we spent Friday until today at Corrymeela near Ballycastle, and came back this afternoon to spend the day around the Titanic Quarter.

"I don't think we will go inside to do the tour as it's such a nice day. Including flights and accommodation and everything else, we spent around £700."

6. Linh and Tu: 'In three days we've travelled from Giant's Causeway to Titanic Belfast'

Linh Ngo and Tu Bui from Vietnam:

"I have been here for three days and so far we have visited Giant's Causeway, Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge, Ballycastle, Bushmills, Glens of Antrim and Titanic Belfast.

"This is our last day and I am flying back to England tomorrow. We spent £127 for flights for two people and £85 for accommodation for three nights and for food around £100 or less a day."

7. Alvaro: 'We came two months ago and will stay until June'

Alvaro Marin from Spain:

"I arrived around two months ago and will be here until June. I have visited Belfast including the Titanic Quarter, City Hall, Giant's Causeway, the rope bridge, Londonderry and Dublin. I think £40 would be too much so maybe £20 in total for one day visiting different areas."

8. Angie: '£2,000 was spent since yesterday'

Angie Delmonte from Toronto in Canada, said:

"We arrived yesterday in Belfast after visiting England for five days. Our first stop is to the Titanic and then we're heading to Dublin at the weekend. We are touring around Northern Ireland, including Kesh to see the Belleek factory and different things like the Giant's Causeway. We are doing one of the open top bus tours in Belfast. We were at the Merchant Hotel for a spa day and spent around £2,000 in total for five of us."

9. Regina and Sofia: 'We visited Victoria Square and had a walk around the shops'

Regina and Sofia Karlos, sisters who hail from Torreon in north Mexico:

"We are in Northern Ireland for three days. We got here on Sunday and are leaving tomorrow (Wednesday). We visited the Titanic Quarter and City Hall and Victoria Square and walked around the shops, the Albert Clock, and walked down by the Lagan River.

"We are not going to spend more than £100 in the three days. For the accommodation it was about £120 for the three nights."

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