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Visitors went in two by two

Belfast Zoo has recorded its highest monthly visitor numbers yet, with over 70,000 visitors in August.

This new record follows Belfast Zoo’s highest ever annual visitor |figures being announced |earlier in the year, at over 302,000 for 2009.

Zoo manager Mark Challis is delighted with these recent figures. “We are all delighted to be announcing our highest ever monthly visitor figures. We have had a lot going on this year with new animals, enclosure renovations and lots of babies. The zoo is constantly changing and has a lot to offer to visitors year on year. “

2010 has so far seen the addition of smooth-coated |otters, Toco toucans, Visayan warty pigs and red titi monkeys, to name a few.

Babies born in 2010 have included five ring-tailed lemurs, Eastern bongos, meerkats, a colobus monkey, zebra and lion-tailed macaque.

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