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Voices raised in tribute to Will Grigg as Parisien choir fires off open air rendition of NI football anthem

By Nevin Farrell

Will Grigg's On Fire set the atmosphere alight when it was belted out by Northern Ireland fans at the Euro 2016 finals in France - and now it has provided the spark of inspiration for a copycat choir to get in on the act.

The mystery choir, featuring dozens of members and even a conductor, gathered on flood-lit steps in the centre of Paris to sing the catchy tune which has taken the city and the rest of Europe by storm this summer.

David Sharpe, chairman of Grigg's club side Wigan, posted video of the choir in Paris doing a rendition of the song while crowds gathered to watch.

The Green and White Army captured hearts across Europe during the tournament, with fans introducing their anthem 'Will Grigg's on Fire' to the masses. On Friday, when Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo offered the city's most prestigious award - the Grand Vermeil - to fans from Northern Ireland, she said it had been one of the "extraordinary things" Northern Ireland fans had brought to her city.

The chant went viral in May when Wigan supporter Sean Kennedy uploaded a video to YouTube to the tune of Gala's 1997 hit Freed from Desire.

Despite the popularity of the song on the terraces, Grigg spent all of Euro 2016 on the bench.

"The song is one thing, but to come to a tournament like this and not play, as a professional footballer, is massively disappointing," he said. But coach Michael O'Neill commented: "I don't pick my team around what the supporters sing."

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