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Voters must show DUP the door: McCord

By Gareth Fullerton

Victims campaigner Raymond McCord last night called on unionist voters to "wake up to the sectarian war cry" of the DUP.

On the eve of another critical day at Stormont - and with an Assembly election seeming almost inevitable - he slammed what he called the "arrogance" of the government's main party.

"I'm calling upon unionist voters to vote for the Official Unionist Party instead of the DUP. I've never done this before," Mr McCord explained.

"The DUP are so arrogant and bigoted. It's not just the party leader, it's also rife throughout the party at Stormont. Red Sky, Nama, Dee Stitt and Charter NI, and the RHI heating scandal. Nothing but lies and shifting the blame onto others."

Mr McCord added: "Now is the time for unionist voters to show the DUP the door, and their arrogance with it, too.

"Wake up to their sectarian war cry and vote for a future for our grandchildren without arrogance and sectarian politics."

Mr McCord's comments come just days after Kate Carroll, widow of murdered PSNI officer Stephen Carroll, branded Stormont's political parties as "pathetic" for dragging Northern Ireland back into the days of sectarian politics.

Mrs Carroll accused politicians of "reverting to tribal trenches" in the fall-out from the 'cash for ash' scandal.

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