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Walk for peace honours tragic Pc

A walk for peace is to be held in Omagh to mark the death of Constable Ronan Kerr.

Pc Kerr died when a bomb exploded under his car in the Co Tyrone town a week ago.

A spokesman for the organisers of the event said they are asking people to join them on a walk for peace to send out a clear message.

"We want to tell those who would drag us back to the past that we do not want this violence. We do not want it in our community. We do not want it in our town. We do not want it in our country," he said.

"We do not know what you want to achieve but these dreadful acts will achieve nothing and just bring pain and misery to our people."

The march will assemble at Omagh leisure centre at 3pm and walk to the town centre at 4pm where it will disperse after some messages to the crowd at Omagh bus station car park.

No banners, symbols or flags are allowed but those attending are encouraged to wear white ribbons symbolising the desire for peace.

The spokesman added: "By just coming along to this march we can all do our bit to send that message to the people that did this and are involved in these terrible crimes. We can show that people are united in sending this simple message: Stop this. Stop it now."

He added: "People in Omagh abhor the violence in our town and the recent murder of Ronan Kerr. Ronan was a member of our community. He was one of our policemen. We grieve for him and for his family who have shown such dignity and courage," he said.

"Throughout the Troubles Omagh saw a lot of violence. Omagh people suffered hugely for over 30 years, but for the last 13 years we had hoped it was over."


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