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Warder murder accused took part in Ardoyne anti-parade protest

By Sarah Henderson

A Republican charged with the murder of prison officer Adrian Ismay was among a group of protesters who shouted abuse at police during an Orange Order parade in north Belfast.

Christopher 'Christy' Robinson was pictured holding a GARC 'March Where You're Welcome' poster as loyalists walked past the Ardoyne shops on the morning of the Twelfth. At the weekend North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds called on police to investigate whether the 45-year-old had breached his strict bail conditions.

The DUP man said: "Robinson's presence at this protest merits an immediate investigation."

Prison officer Mr Ismay died of a heart attack in March, just 11 days after a New IRA booby-trap bomb exploded under his van in east Belfast. The following month Christy Robinson was charged with his murder and possessing explosives, but later freed on bail under strict conditions.

These include not being allowed to travel in private vehicles and wearing an electronic tag to monitor his movements.

The courts also banned Robinson from leaving his address in the Twinbrook estate in west Belfast between 9pm and 8am.

But despite these restrictions he was able to show up in Ardoyne at 8.30am on the morning of the Twelfth - eight miles away from his home - to take part in the anti-parading protest.

The DUP MP has demanded answers as to how he was able to take part in the GARC protest, and whether he breached his bail conditions by doing so.

He added: "It would seem that the concept of 'Greater Ardoyne' now extends as far as Twinbrook." Mr Dodds also queried how "Robinson could have travelled approximately eight miles across Belfast on public transport on the 12th morning to be at this protest whilst keeping the conditions of his bail".

Witnesses at the Ardoyne shops said Robinson was among republicans who shouted insults at Orangemen and PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton, who was there overseeing the policing operation.

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