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Warning after Derry thieves target taxis

Taxi drivers in Londonderry have been urged to step up security after thefts from their vehicles.

The warning comes after police confirmed three taxis were broken into at the weekend, the latest in a number of similar attacks over the past five weeks.

Andrew McCartney, from North West Taxi Proprietors, said money and equipment have been stolen leaving the drivers out of pocket and in some cases out of work.

He added: “A lot of these attacks have concentrated in the Creggan, Brandywell, Bogside area but there were reports of incidents in the Glen and other places as well so it does seem to be right across the city.

“It seems the same method is being used and they are all around the same time — the early hours of the morning so it may well be the same group of people who are doing this.

“They are breaking a window and searching for money and while most taxi drivers won't leave money in their car, it can be like everything else and you can forget or you go into the house with the intention of coming back out and whether through fatigue or whatever you don't come back out until the morning.”

Mr McCartney said that while most of the thefts appear to be about money, the drivers are also facing losses because of the vandalism.

He added: “Apart from what they take including the equipment, which can be costly, there are also windows being broken which can be costly to replace.”

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