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Warning after man charged with using tiny camera on sunglasses to film semi-naked boy at Northern Ireland seaside town




Glasses similar to the ones said to have been used by suspect in Portstewart (left)

Glasses similar to the ones said to have been used by suspect in Portstewart (left)


Parents have been warned to be on the alert after a man was allegedly caught using "spyglasses" to record a young boy getting changed in a Northern Ireland seaside town.

The warning was issued by a concerned member of the public who said he noticed a man recording a boy aged three or four who was changing in Portstewart on Saturday.

Steve Hanna said he realised the man was wearing glasses with a built-in camera and was holding them at an odd angle in order to film the boy, who was naked from the waist down.

He said the man stood out to him as he was dressed in a heavy winter coat on a hot summer's day.

He added: "I was with my family when I noticed this man holding glasses by his side that had a red flashing light.

"I realised he was recording a young boy and rang the police. The man put the glasses away and walked off, but I followed him until the police arrived.

"My heart was racing, as I couldn't believe how blatant it was. He could have been there all day and no one had noticed.

"I was fuming, but knew ringing the police was the best course of action rather than getting involved myself."

Police confirmed a man had been arrested after the incident, which took place at around 3.45pm in Portstewart on Saturday. A PSNI spokesperson said: "A 64-year-old male has been charged with voyeurism. He is expected to appear before Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday, August 19. The charge is in connection with an incident in The Crescent area of Portstewart on Saturday, July 27."

Mr Hanna also warned parents to be aware this technology is now being used in this way in a post that has been shared more than 6,000 times on Facebook.

The post said: "Please let this be a warning to all parents. If you are changing your child, please do it in a changing area or at least behind a big towel.

"You never know who is out there. Please make everyone aware this type of technology is being used now."

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